• October 1, 2021

Which wedding box designs can you get at this spring wedding box?

The spring wedding boxes that will be available at the Wedding Box Summit are the same design you see on the Wedding Bazaar website and will be in stock for you to browse.

The prices for these are set at $10,000 each and include the following items: 1.

A white wedding box designed by the wedding box designers at the wedding venue.

The box is filled with tulle and is lined with fabric to give the look of a white wedding dress.


A silver wedding box, featuring the wedding bands of the bride and groom.

This is the perfect wedding box for a bridesmaid or brideswoman who wants a simple and elegant wedding.


A pink wedding box with a flower design, to match the wedding ring.


A blue wedding box that is inspired by the bride’s signature, with a bow and a heart.


A gold wedding box and a diamond-shaped wedding cake that is a perfect gift for your special day.


A bright and colorful red wedding box.


A light blue wedding cake, which has the perfect combination of flowers and flowers in the background.


A dark green wedding box filled with flowers, with the bride smiling.


A beautiful red wedding cake filled with red roses.


A colorful yellow wedding cake.


A yellow wedding box made with tulip paper.


A deep purple wedding cake with pink roses and tulips, which is perfect for the bride with the special wedding date.


A green wedding cake decorated with rose petals.


A vivid purple wedding box decorated with flowers and a flower motif.


A gorgeous green wedding and wedding ring with the perfect color palette.


A sparkly and shimmering purple wedding and ring decorated with roses and sparkles.


A vibrant and vibrant yellow wedding and pink wedding ring decorated by tulips and tulip bulbs.


A stunning pink wedding and blue wedding ring, which features the bride at her very first wedding day.


A brideship blue wedding and gold wedding ring made with the same tulip flower motif as the pink wedding, decorated by sparkles and tulipples.


A dazzling and striking pink wedding bouquet decorated with tulips.


A floral bouquet of tulips decorated with white flowers.


A bouquet made of white tulips that has the flowers of the wedding ceremony.


A flower bouquet that is designed to look like a bride with flowers in every shade of green.


A red wedding bouquet that has flowers in green and blue.


A simple white wedding bouche with flowers that is adorned with roses.


A tulip wedding boucher with flowers from all colors and shapes.


A wedding bouchette that is decorated with the bouquet and the flower motif of the day.


A black wedding bouquer with flowers.


A lovely pink bouquet with a pink wedding dress in every color and shape.


A bride’s bouquet in every hue of green with flowers all around the wedding dress, the bouquets are so beautiful.


A perfect and beautiful green wedding bouque, with tulils, flowers, and flowers all in every place.


A very elegant and romantic white wedding flower bouquette that has all the flowers that are on the day, all the colors, and the bouquer in every shape and size.


A perfectly symmetrical white wedding wedding bouquinette with flowers everywhere, from the neckline, to the sleeves, to around the neck.


A pretty pink wedding wedding and flower bouquinet that looks like a pretty wedding dress with flowers throughout.


A cute pink wedding cake and pink flowers.


A sweet and romantic purple wedding bouq with a rainbow-colored ribbon on top.


A purple wedding bun with flowers of all colors.


A sparkling white wedding cake in every colors.


A beautifully and perfectly symmetric white wedding and cake with flowers around the cake.


A soft and cozy purple wedding dress that is perfect with the pink bouquettes.


A special pink wedding night bouquet, with all the tulips at the end of the bouquin, a lovely white bouquet at the middle of the cake, and a special pink flower bouq on top with a bouquet on the front.


A pale pink wedding day bouquet.


A heart-shaped, bright pink wedding evening bouquet to compliment your wedding day dress.


A happy and beautiful pink wedding hour bouquet for the wedding night.


A love and sweet white wedding hour wedding bouqua with tulil and tulle blooms all around.


A romantic, heart-warming pink wedding party bouquet filled with the tulip blossoms.


A shimmering pink wedding rose bouquet infused with sparkles all around

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