• October 13, 2021

Nylo Plano Wedding Planner is the best wedding planning document you’ll ever need to use

Google has updated its online wedding planning service Nylos, which was launched last month and has been the site of several high-profile hacks.

Now, the search giant has rolled out a new version of the software, which is available to download for free from the Google Play store.

The new version adds the ability to create custom wedding plans, add your own wedding venue and add your photos, video and photos.

“The update is rolling out today for all existing NyloS customers.

We’ve also updated our NylO’s online wedding planner with the new update,” a spokesperson for Google told TechCrunch.”

You can now add your venue and wedding date to the ‘tables’ in the planner.

For example, the ‘date, venue, and venue name’ will now list the name of your venue, date and venue, as well as the date and time,” the spokesperson said.

“The ‘listing format’ section has been moved into the ‘lists’ section.

You can now also select which items are included on the lists, as they’ll be added to the planner automatically.”

To make things easier, we’ve also simplified the ‘schedule’ and ‘notes’ sections of the planner, which has also been streamlined.

“A Google spokesperson told TechCatch that the new version includes a new calendar view, which includes both calendar events and wedding planning events.”

We’ve also made a couple of minor improvements and made the planner more responsive, so you can now see your planned events more clearly,” the Google spokesperson said, adding that the update should be available in the coming days.”

For those of you who are not yet using the free version, you can still download the NylOs online wedding planners app from the Play store.

“The NylOS team are continuing to work on new features in the new software.”

In the coming weeks we’ll also be introducing a new tool that allows you to add wedding venue details to your wedding planning documents.

We hope this will be the best way to ensure you’re prepared for your big day, and it will be super useful to anyone who’s planning to organise their own wedding,” the company said.”

Happy planning!

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