• September 29, 2021

‘Wedding Wire’ magazine

The wedding wire has been a staple of wedding photography for many years now, and it’s still a pretty solid tool for getting photos that capture the perfect moment for the bridesmaids and groom.

In this week’s issue of Wedding Wire, we talk to wedding photographer John Fetterman about his favorite wedding wire and what’s on his wish list for the future.

What do you like about wedding wire?

“A lot of it is just because it’s so cheap, but it’s very, very flexible,” Fettermen says.

“I like to use it for the girls and the bridal party.

It can be for a wedding reception, it can be a big reception for a reception, and then it can work as a backdrop for a small reception.

Why does your wedding wire look so good? “

If you’re looking to get a little bit of something to make it a little more unique, I like to do this in a couple of colors.”

Why does your wedding wire look so good?

Fetterman is the founder and editor of WeddingWire.com, which has been publishing wedding photography since 2011.

“I started this company because I wanted to be able to offer a service that would really help the bride, the groom, and their brides and groomsmen, as well as my clients,” he says.

FETTERMAN ON WEDDING WIRES: “I have a couple things that I think people can really appreciate when they’re looking at a wedding wire.

I like it for making it look so realistic.

I love the color and the texture.

I really like how it looks when it’s applied.”

What’s on your wish list?

A lot, Fettermans.

He loves that it’s flexible.

He also loves the color.

“It’s a little tricky to describe, but I love how bright it is, and I love that it is a little sparkly and sparkly,” he said.

“The bride and the groom can use it to cover their wedding band.

It’s also a great way to give the bride and groom a little piece of their special day to shine.

It really makes the ceremony and the ceremony-party look good.”

HOW TO GET YOUR WEDDEN-WIRES PRINTABLE FOR WEDEJOURNAL PROPERTIES: “When I was growing up, I used to make a lot of different kinds of wedding wire, and now I have a bunch of different styles and different prices for them.

I’m not going to try to tell you how to do it, but if you have this wire that you think you want to use, then just do it,” Fittermans says.

“[If] you have that wire that’s like $40, and you want it to be a little different, just go for it.”

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