• September 14, 2021

Israel’s Longest Wedding Planning Chart, With 1,500 Years of Wedding Planning History

A long list of wedding planning websites, wedding planning guides and wedding planning apps, including the oldest of these, are down this week, marking the first major shutdown of the Internet dating site dating.

A total of 1,501 dating sites are currently offline and a further 2,500 websites are expected to be offline during the shutdown, according to a report by Israel’s Channel 2. 

One of the reasons for the shutdown is that the Department of Communications of the Israeli Ministry of Education and Science, the main authority overseeing dating services in Israel, has said it would not allow anyone to access the dating sites to create an account for people looking to start a family.

The decision has angered some couples, who have complained that their dating profiles are being destroyed.

The Israel government has not released the reasons behind the decision, which is expected to last for several months. 

According to the ministry, the decision to stop the sites’ access was taken after the department received complaints from some couples who were unable to access their dating accounts, which were being destroyed due to the shutdown.

The ministry says it received “thousands of complaints” from the couples, adding that “it is the responsibility of the authorities to deal with such complaints.” 

However, the ministry says that it has received a significant number of complaints regarding the shutdown of dating sites.

“Many of the complaints were not related to the dating websites, but were based on concerns about the closure of the dating site websites,” the ministry said. 

“These complaints have been made directly to the authorities and to the minister of communications.

However, we are unable to provide a response to these complaints,” the minister added. 

Some couples have complained about the destruction of their dating profile, but others have also taken to Facebook and Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Some of the couples have asked for help from the Israeli authorities to find a new online partner.

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