• August 26, 2021

How to make the perfect DIY wedding venue in a flash

The ultimate DIY wedding planning tool is here!

We’ve taken your wedding planning needs and turned them into the most practical, hassle-free DIY solution for your wedding.

We’ve put together the most comprehensive DIY wedding planner guide yet, with over 5,000 wedding venues that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your wedding, including:* 24/7 staff of wedding planners* DIY wedding venues with customizable layouts, templates, templates templates with multiple wedding venues* DIY locations that can be set up to host up to 4 different weddings* A hostess style wedding venue that’s also an event venue, so you can be prepared for a multitude of weddingsThe guide is divided into seven sections:* Planning and decorating your wedding venue with DIY tools for your venue and wedding venue team* Creating your own DIY wedding decor that you can use on your venue or venue team member* Building your own wedding venue for weddings that are smaller than your venue team needs* Creating custom wedding venues to accommodate your wedding receptionThe guide includes everything you need to make your own custom wedding venue from DIY wedding furniture to decorating templates, template sheets, and even a complete wedding venue guide!

You’ll find the best templates, decorations, and other tools to help you create the perfect venue for your unique wedding.

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