• August 17, 2021

Bride’s wedding reception plans are all about the money

Plano, Texas (CNN) Wedding reception plans all about money, says Liz Bittner, a senior adviser to a wedding planner and bride who has worked at a few wedding businesses in the past few years.

Bittninger said she’s often asked about planning a wedding reception, whether it should be a cocktail reception, a reception with wine and cheese, or a reception at a restaurant.

The key is the idea of the wedding.

“There is such a huge focus on the money, the theme and the location,” she said.

“If you’re going to go with the theme, the date and the price, and you’re getting away from all the noise and the glamour, you’ve got to be able to walk into the venue and actually be a part of the experience.”

Bittners advice for planning a cocktail or wedding reception?

First, decide how much you want to spend.

You don’t want to go to the restaurant for an appetizer and a couple of drinks, she said, but you might be able take in a cocktail at the restaurant and have the guests come over for dinner afterward.

“So I think the key is to figure out how much the restaurant charges for everything,” she added.

“I would say it’s usually not that expensive.

But if you want something a little more elaborate, maybe have a reception that goes beyond that.”

Second, Bittnners advice is to keep it simple.

“It’s really about making the experience simple, and just having fun,” she explained.

“Just being in the moment, having a good time.

Just having a great time.” 

Third, consider where you want the guests to come.

“You want them to come to the venue, not the reception,” she suggested.

Bickner said she tends to like venues that are closer to the center of town, like the Grand Park, which is in the downtown area.

“We have a lot of great restaurants downtown and we want to make sure that we are in a place where people are not trying to walk the dog and drive around the block,” she continued.

“That’s really the key, is that the people that are coming in are there for the food, for the wine, and the fun.

And they’re going there for that.

So it’s really important to make that happen.” 

Fourth, consider what kind of people you want at your wedding.

Bitten by the recession?

If you are looking for a wedding that is free, or free for a few days, Bickners advice would be to go for a cocktail party, or for a restaurant, and get away from the crowds.

“And then, of course, we also want to have a good night of fun, and a good wedding,” she advised.

“Then, if you’re lucky enough, you may have some sort of party at the beach, or something.

 Five-day wedding? “

But if it’s more of a formal wedding, you want a reception where the people who are going to be there are in the crowd and there’s a great view of the city and the water, you know?”

 Five-day wedding?

Bickninger recommends staying away from five-day weddings.

“The big difference is when you get married, you have so many things that you want, and so many people, and then you just need a little bit more space,” she noted.

“People need to come and be with you, but they don’t need to spend time with you and then the whole time you’re with them.” 

Six-day or more wedding?

If your wedding is more than six days, you might want to consider a reception.

“A reception is not going to do anything to the wedding theme,” Bickns said.

You’re going into a room full of people and it will not be like a cocktail, or the wedding itself, she added, referring to a reception party.

“When you’re having a reception, you are not having that in the hotel.

You are in your own space and you are alone, and there are no guests there.”

She added that if you have to go somewhere for a reception to go, it should include a party, a wedding or an entertainment venue. 

Seventh, consider the time of year.

“At a cocktail restaurant, you’re really looking for that romantic feel, so you’re looking for people to be in that space, and have a really great time,” she stressed.

“On the other hand, if it is the beginning of the year, and we’re in the middle of winter, you don’t have the kind of vibe that you’re wanting, so it’s not a good place to have that party or have that romantic experience.”

 In the end, Bikker said it’s all about creating a great

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