• June 20, 2021

When it comes to wedding planning software, we’re still talking about ‘traditional’ software

A wedding planning app from Microsoft has been accused of turning people into ‘marriage counselors’ and using a ‘toxic relationship’ model.

The app, called Wedding Planner, was released in the US in 2016, but is now being sold in Europe and other markets in a bid to woo tech-savvy couples.

Its creator, Sam Ziegler, told Mashable the app is designed for couples to ’empower’ one another by ‘explaining what you need to know about a situation before you have to go into the wedding’.

“This is not a dating app,” Mr Ziegberg told Mashables.

“It’s not like Tinder.

We’re not trying to find out who you’re into.

We are helping you navigate your wedding planning process and helping you make the most of your time together.””

We are not there to meet the needs of a single person,” he added.

Wedding Planner uses Microsoft’s Office suite of apps to manage wedding planning and other wedding related tasks, but the app does not offer the same kind of functionality as the popular Tinder-style dating app.

In a video uploaded to the app’s website, Mr Zigberg says that his team of 30,000 developers had been working on the app since 2016 and that he has received over $250,000 in funding from Microsoft.

He also claims the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times in the past year.

“We don’t want to make people feel like they’re wasting their time,” he said.

“So we’re not going to give people a huge amount of time to make the decisions.”

The video says that in the future, Wedding Planning will allow couples to add their own preferences, and allow users to share wedding photos and videos from the event.

“With our next update, we’ll be bringing the app to every country in the world,” Mr O’Connor told Mashups.

The wedding app has also been criticised by a range of critics including a New York Times columnist, a US blogger, a UK wedding planner, and a UK tech journalist.

The New York Post’s Mark Halperin tweeted that “in an era of the #tinder-dating app, it’s not surprising to find Microsoft-branded apps like Wedding Planer”.

Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for the US, David Karpinski, told the BBC the company had taken steps to remove the app from sale in the UK, and said it would no longer offer the app in Europe.

“Microsoft’s commitment to the LGBTQ community is unwavering,” he told the UK broadcaster.

“The app was created and created in partnership with some of the best LGBTQ and transgender communities in the country, and they all supported the idea of the app and the partnership with us,” he continued.

Microsoft’s new marriage planning app, Wedding Planning, has been criticised for creating a toxic relationship model.

Mashable’s Andrew Salsberg said the app was “inherently toxic” and “tends to create a toxic culture where people are afraid to leave the comfort of their own home, or even their own marriage, and leave a relationship together”.

“When couples are able to be open and honest about who they are, and who they’re going to do with their lives, that’s the kind of relationship that we want to see,” he tweeted.

“And when it comes down to it, marriage is a process.”

Mr Ziegling also defended his app, saying he was not trying “to change your mind”.

“I just want you to make your own choices, and if you want to leave it, that you’re free to do so,” he explained.

“I’m not trying change your relationship with your partner, I’m just helping you understand what you want and need.

I think people can do that, and I think that’s what this app is trying to do.”

Microsoft’s relationship with the LGBTQ rights movementIn an interview with the New York Magazine, Sam O’Brien, a gay British journalist and writer, described how Microsoft had become a “very important player” in the fight for equality.

He told the magazine that the app had “helped shape the marriage equality movement”.

“Microsoft has a very significant role in making sure that this fight continues,” he noted.

“They’ve helped to create the legal framework that gives gay people the legal right to marry.

They’ve helped shape the legal infrastructure that allows gay people to marry.”

He added: “The reason that marriage equality is such a huge deal is that Microsoft has helped shape a very important fight for marriage equality.”

Mr O’Neill also praised Microsoft for helping to make Microsoft a ‘big player in the battle for equality’.

“Microsoft is not just an internet company, they’re a global technology company,” he wrote.

“At the end of the day, Microsoft is about making the best possible life for all of

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